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Approach to the Craft


There is an almost irresistible urge to add complexity to any endeavor. The result is a tangled knot of disparate good ideas. Because there is always more that could be added, there is never an opportunity for long-term satisfaction. Never enough.

Sutherland offers a different vision – it may be more closely aligned with your values. It is a very disciplined approach that refines design to the essential elements – and then executes the design to perfection. There is no allowance for superfluous clutter. Nothing extra will be allowed between you and the music.

Technical Areas of Concern

  1. Avoid electronic colorations by keeping signal path uncluttered and straightforward.
  2. Refine the circuitry and layout for one audio channel. Then build it twice for stereo.
  3. Keep the clutter of options out of the signal path and off the circuit board.
  4. Keep contaminating AC power line noise out.
  5. Use the best components in a conservative manner, for long life and effortless performance.
  6. Design and build with a sense of instrument grade craftsmanship.

Featured Products

Superior Quality through Simplicity


The Phono Blocks are the cost-no-object place to be. They are destination level – it just doesn’t get any better.


Is your turntable rotating at the correct speed? The laser timing marks projected from the Timeline will tell you – precisely.


There comes a tipping point of accumulated knowledge that insists upon a new product. Insight gained from the design of preceding phono preamps opened up a new possibility. Pride of ownership and sublime performance – way beyond its modest price.

User Testimonials

Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Ron, thank you.

The system with the 2000ohm loading for the cartridge is nothing short of amazing, absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


Exceeding anything I’ve experienced…

With the Ph3D in the chain, this level of pure calm exceeding anything I’ve experienced. The Ph3D was superbly quiet.

Marc Phillips

Your care and attention is not common and truly appreciated

Thanks a bunch for all your help and quick responses. Your care and attention is not common and truly appreciated. I’ve always respected your work and now you have a dedicated customer. Enjoy CES!

Ray Ackerman
Recording Engineer
First Chair Recording

Latest News

The Absolute Latest from Sutherland

Sutherland Engineering at TAVES 2014

TAVE is my favorite show and I always look forward to being there.  It is such pleasure to meet such an enthused bunch of fellow audiophiles. Please stop in and say hi. Our products will be on display in booth #365, #366, & at #6 Maple West. –Ron
Sutherland Engineering Products will be demonstrated at the TAVES 2014 in Toronto on October 31, November 1, and November 2. At the show, you can see and hear the PhonoBlocks, among other products. Angie (American Sound of Canada) is masterful at component selection and system setup. You are in for a revelation.