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It is a pleasure to introduce the new 20/20 phono preamp. It is AC powered and it is quiet! It starts with separate external AC power modules for each channel, followed by 10 sections of passive RC filtering and finalized with local constant voltage shunt regulation.


Sutherland 20/20 Owner’s Manual


Dead quiet, great sound.


The 20/20 is very, very good indeed. Dead quiet, great sound.


20/20 is breaking in just peachy!


Yes-siree, the 20/20 is breaking in just peachy! I plugged it in yesterday morning and listened to it last night (for quite a while). It sounds great. I’ve got that system playing right now. Tonight I’m going to take it downstairs where we have the PH3D and compare the two.


Gorgeous. Smooth. Beautiful.


Not an ounce of hum. Analog has never sounded better in my setup. Gorgeous. Smooth. Beautiful. Now back to practice.

Bob Silverman

I have been enjoying

Nice review of the 20/20 in Pos Feedback. I have been enjoying my PHD for several years now. Thanks for a trouble free product and as this is Canadian Thanksgiving, perhaps that is all I should be thankful for.


Now, if I just had a bit more time to fire it up more often…

Hi Ron,

I’ve purchased a 20/20 phono stage, and have had it in my system for a month or so. Congrats on a very nice design and sound. Detailed without unwanted ‘edges’. The imaging and soundstage expansion improvements have been quite enjoyable. Even better after a bourbon or two. Not clear how this was factored into your design tradeoffs. Now, if I just had a bit more time to fire it up more often…


Very transparent, very detailed, very dynamic

Hi Ron,

After a week listen, I find the unit very transparent, very detailed, very dynamic. In a word, superb! Very satisfied.

Best regards, Gil.

Brilliant designer and the sound is stunning

Hello Ron,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy I am with the 20/20 everything about it sound build and design, its so simple and no space is wasted inside the chassis there’s lots of these huge box phonos out there that when you open it up there’s nothing inside, you are a brilliant designer and the sound is stunning.

I had no idea that you personally would respond to my email!

Good morning Ron,

Thank you so much for being so kind and generous. I greatly appreciate your contribution to my system! Sam at Elusive Disc said that Sutherland customer service is the absolute best and you just proved that in spades! I had no idea that you personally would respond to my email; I am further impressed.

Great Job Mr. Sutherland, Great Job!!!

Good morning,

I want to thank Ron Sutherland for his exceptional designing skills and bringing to market the 20/20, which I have owned for about 3 weeks, as this is an Awesome phono stage! I am incredibly impressed with all facets of its sound reproduction.
Great Job Mr. Sutherland, Great Job!!!

Best regards,
Greg Lickteig