Because timing is everything...

A great orchestra depends on a great conductor to keep the note of every instrument playing exactly at the right moment. The pluck of a string, or the trill of a flute just a fraction of a beat off can ruin a performance. The emotion that touches the soul of the audience depends on this precision.

It was with this precision in mind, that the Timeline was born.

As an instrument designed to keep the fi nest of turntables running at exactly the correct speed, there is simply no equal. With a time-base accuracy of 2 parts per million, the Timeline is the very definition of precision.

The Timeline flashes its laser at precisely 33 1/3 (or 45) times per minute. If your turntable is rotating at exactly the correct speed, the dot is stretched into a line segment that is projected to the same place on every revolution. If, however, your turntable is too fast, the projected line segment will drift in a clockwise direction. If too slow, into a counter-clockwise direction. Adjust your turntable speed accordingly. The Timeline will also reveal any loading effects of stylus dragging forces.

The Timeline has also been designed to serve as an indispensable record weight that will effectively dampen the vinyl, providing quieter playback. Its machined Delrin lower section couples into the vinyl. That interface section is then tightly constrained by the rigidity of the machined aluminum upper section. Playback will be signifi cantly improved by leaving the Timeline in place during playback.

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User Testimonials

Timeline is a wonderful product


Timeline is a wonderful product

Albert Porter

Tt is just amazing and very satisfying.

Hi Ron,

I have to let you know how much I got a kick out of the Timeline.  Not only is it a fun piece of audio jewelry, but works better than advertised.  Within three minutes we had the new VPI HRX up to speed, or “correct” speed I should say.  No strobe disc, and light, etc, just a few minutes staring at a bright red led light.  What could be easier, and I now have a perfect speed locked into my speed controller for our turntable, dynamite.

We are constantly playing with trials to see what we can drag up from the depths of an old piece of vinyl and have just pulled out a Crosby Nash, “Whistling Down the Wire” LP that must be at least 25 years old.  Two minutes on the VPI 16.5 cleaning machine and on the table.  This was a seriously warped disc, but the platter rim weight and center weight put the LP into a seemingly flat position.  Dropped the needle and nothing in our digital front end can give so much satisfaction.  You don’t have to be a kid to keep finding new ways to enjoy 25 minutes.

I have rarely been able to achieve the level of quality jump in a new digital front end as we have now with the new VPI running through the Hubble, it is just amazing and very satisfying.  Great work all the way around.  Well back to work, oh wait, this is work.  You gotta love it, thanks again.