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The PH3D is a high-value example of high-end performance. There are no frills – nothing fancy. The parts budget all goes towards putting really good parts into the signal path. Those quality parts, combined with  refined circuitry have given much listening pleasure to its happy owners.


Sutherland PH3D Owner’s Manual


Thankfully the design places the batteries well away from the main board!


Learned a lesson today. Used cheap radio shack batteries in my PH3D when I bought it a few months ago. I thought it was funny that the light seemed to dim rather soon with them, but it still worked. I thought the sound could be a bit “off” in the dynamic department, so I thought  I’d try fresh batteries today.(Duracell).

It turned out one of the old batteries had leaked pretty badly, destroying the paint and even pitting the steel… Wow. I guess the next time it starts going dim early, I should suspect a bad apple in the bunch and get em out. Thankfully the design places the batteries well away from the main board! Yikes!

Anyway, take care and have a great summer.
Joe D

One of the Very Best

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for the reply, much appreciated.

Yes, very excited about the Ph3D purchase, this is my first stand-alone phono stage and I’ve done a lot of research into many phono stages at the $1,000 price point (+/- a couple hundred dollars) before deciding on the Ph3D, but regardless of the all the very positive reviews I’ve read about your phono stages, what sealed the deal for me was speaking with Dave at Everest Audio who is a 20/20 owner himself.

He said not only was the product line one of the very best he’s ever heard after being in the audiophile business for more than three decades (and many, many phono stages himself), but that you were one of the nicest people he’s ever met.

I’m a people person myself, and knowing that not only is the product I want to purchase of the highest quality (and built in North America), but that the man behind its design and construction is a truly good person, well that gives me real peace of mind.

All the best,

The PH3d is a more sophisticated sound.

Hi Ron,

I just got back from Phoenix and the PH3d was waiting for me.   Initial comparison shows the PH3d is a more sophisticated sound. A touch more micro dynamics, bass, a better grounded circuit, has the analog sound that I was looking for and slight round off of the highs. I believe I can be happy with this unit for a long time.  I was wondering if this unit is completely broken in yet or can I expect more over time? Listen to Miles Davis ( Sorcerer) and Art Foxall (Arts back in town) these are wonderful pressings and they have never sounded better.  Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.


I feel that this is a very important part of my analog front end, as it is the heart of my system now.

Hi Ron,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughtful communication and how much I am enjoying this wonderful product, the PH3D. I feel that this is a very important part of my analog front end, as it is the heart of my system now. It provides “truthful” information about what’s going on up stream, while sending a very uncluttered message downstream.

Take Care,

The PH3D is indeed a very good phono preamp.

Hi Ron.

Thanks for your last reply. I just noticed that I received a reply from you (the founder in person). What a surprise.
The PH3D is indeed a very good phono preamp. It’s clean and  quiet as mentioned by many other users. For  several months, I  auditioned over ten phono preamp within US 1,000. PH3D stands out.


I will listen more this week.

Hello Ron,

I had a quick listen to the Ph3D and sounded very smooth. I will listen more this week. The Hubble is in Cape Town and will get feedback soon.


A great unit, congratulations!!!

Hello Ron ….

A very belated reply only to say I did buy one of your PH-3D units 2 months or so ago, from your NZ agent. Very pleased with it. Easy to adjust load/gain settings, gain is more or less enough, but a higher 65 would’ve been more desirable for my purposes, running a Benz Glider 1.4mv MC cartridge now. All sounds good, quiet, yet dynamic really does everything so well.

A great unit, congratulations, so keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,
Rory Hoy

Very pleased with the PH3D!!


Thanks for the jumpers, which I received a couple days ago. I’ve been very pleased with the PH3D and am both enjoying my old records and cleaning up on sealed LPs on ebay and elsewhere. If you don’t mind an off-topic inquiry, my wife has been bugging me to ask you if you got Dolce from a breeder or somewhere else. As I think I mentioned, she’s been researching breeds for years in anticipation of eventually getting a dog. A Yorkipoo has been high on the list for allergy, intelligence, longevity, and all-around personality reasons.

Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you last week. Thanks again.

Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable!


We were listening to LP’s last night and Lisa mentioned again how much she likes the PH3D phono stage (we’ve been saying that to each other whenever we listen to records). Once again, “thank you”. I’m enjoying Howlin’ Wolf as I type this (Moanin’ in the Moonlight). Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable.


I absolutely love it!

Dear Ron,

I got my PH3D. I absolutely love it.

All the best,
John Dahlheim
Austin, Texas

Very pleased

Hi Ron,

I’m very pleased with my PH3D which I’ve now had for a couple of months.

Thanks and Cheers,
Kerry O’Neil in Rhode Island

Absolutely enjoying the preamp

First I would like to thank you for offering such a fantastic product at the 1k price range. I am absolutely enjoying the preamp and it is working very well with my system.

Mark Finkenbiner

Exceeding anything I’ve experienced…

With the Ph3D in the chain, this level of pure calm exceeding anything I’ve experienced. The Ph3D was superbly quiet.

Marc Phillips