The PH3D is a high-value example of high-end performance. There are no frills – nothing fancy. The parts budget all
goes towards putting really good parts into the signal path. Those quality parts, combined with  refined circuitry have
given much listening pleasure to its happy owners.

PH3D Owners Manual.pdf1.17 MB

User Testimonials

Very pleased with the PH3D!!

Ron, thanks for the jumpers, which I received a couple days ago.   I've been very pleased with the PH3D and am both enjoying my old records and cleaning up on sealed LPs on ebay and elsewhere.

If you don't mind an off-topic inquiry, my wife has been bugging me to ask you if you got Dolce from a breeder or somewhere else.  As I think I mentioned, she's been researching breeds for years in anticipation of eventually getting a dog.  A Yorkipoo has been high on the list for allergy, intelligence, longevity, and all-around personality reasons.

Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you last week.  Thanks again.


Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable!


We were listening to LP's last night and Lisa mentioned again how much she likes the PH3D phono stage (we've been saying that to each other whenever we listen to records).  Once again, "thank you".  I'm enjoying Howlin' Wolf as I type this (Moanin' in the Moonlight).  Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable.