The PH3D is a high-value example of high-end performance. There are no frills – nothing fancy. The parts budget all
goes towards putting really good parts into the signal path. Those quality parts, combined with  refined circuitry have
given much listening pleasure to its happy owners.

PH3D Owners Manual.pdf1.17 MB

User Testimonials

I will listen more this week.

Hello Ron,

I had a quick listen to the Ph3D and sounded very smooth.  I will listen more this week.

The Hubble is in Cape Town and will get feedback soon.



A great unit, congratulations!!!

Hello Ron ....
A very belated reply only to say I did buy one of your PH-3D units 2  months or so ago, from your NZ agent.

Very pleased with it. Easy to adjust load/gain settings, gain is more  or less enough, but a higher 65 would've been more desirable for my purposes, running a Benz Glider 1.4mv MC cartridge now.

All sounds good, quiet, yet dynamic really does everything so well.

A great unit, congratulations, so keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,
Rory Hoy