For the best in battery powered phono preamps – the best choice is Hubble. It is a much improved derivative of the
classic PHD. It takes PHD performance to a higher level with updated circuitry, new timer control of power and
improved battery holders.

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User Testimonials

Great Product!

Sound wise, my preliminary view is that out-of-the-box it is certainly as good as the PHD (low noise, tonal quality seems similar) and may already be pushing the soundstage width out a bit further than the PHD.  I did not get a full listening session with some benchmark lp's which I hope to do this evening.

Thanks for your help in getting started and I eagerly await some amazing listening.


I couldn't be more happier with my Hubble

I hope you're doing well.  Are we going to have a chance for dinner and drinks at RMAF this year?  It'll be here before we know it.

BTW, I couldn't be more happier with my Hubble.

One of your friends in Texas,