For the best in battery powered phono preamps – the best choice is Hubble. It is a much improved derivative of the
classic PHD. It takes PHD performance to a higher level with updated circuitry, new timer control of power and
improved battery holders.

HUBBLE manual.pdf6.17 MB

User Testimonials

Back to the music!

Hi Ron,

Hope you are well.

Received the  Hubble, got er up and running...and first thing I notice is less noise, more  resolution, a faster, more dynamic sound.

Back to the music!

Great job my friend.

Hi Ron,

I hope you had a good CES.  I don't know what you did inside this Hubble different than what you did in the Ph3D but its fantastic.  I found the Hubble to be far more revealing and the Ph3D is a fine phono preamp all on its own.  I finally got dialed in at 55 gain and 475 load.  Now the sound is not just good, its great. Its not musical, its magical.  I played Famous Blue Raincoat (First We Take Manhattan) LOUD and I thought I was going to cry.  Great job my friend.
Next project, tackle the Timeline.

All the best,